Rules of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild Structure

The Britannia Search & Rescue Guild, or BS&R, has a multi-part purpose, each supporting our goals of establishing a search and rescue volunteer corps. The BS&R is dedicated to the betterment of the citizens of every Shard and World. These goals are described in our Charter, below.

The Britannia Search & Rescue Charter

Pursue the Virtues
The eight Virtues are: Spirituality, Compassion, Justice, Honesty, Honor, Valor, Sacrifice, and Humility. Members are asked to pursue these Virtues, and to assist the anyone who also pursues them.

2 Assist the weak
Render aid to persons and property in distress. This shall include, as personnel and/or supplies allow:
  Provide advice and current observations on recent activities and game issues.
  Escort services, by foot or by boat, any citizens requiring assistance in or through hazardous areas.
  Material support to any virtuous citizen.
3 Guard the dead
Guard the bodies and belongings of the dead, to give the spirit of the dead enough time for to reconnect with the material world and regain its possessions.
4 Patrol trouble areas
Monitor and patrol trouble areas. Assist in keeping these areas safe for the innocent from monsters and murderers alike.
5 Support the BS&R
Support and promote the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild. Members are asked to spread the word of the BS&R whenever possible, and direct potential recruits to Members are also requested to visit this web site regularly, as information pertinent to BS&R operations will be presented here.

Simply, members of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild are required to follow the standards set forth in the BS&R Charter. Members may also enjoy membership in other guilds, so long as that membership does not conflict with the BS&R Charter.

Players who are exceptional in their methods may receive Commendations and perhaps an increase in Rank. Those who act counter to the precepts stated in the Charter may receive Discommendations, perhaps a decrease in Rank, and, in extreme cases, may be asked to leave the guild.

The Britannia Search & Rescue Guild is not about being the toughest citizen on the Shard or World, having more than your neighbor, keeping secrets, or revenge. It’s about being Virtuous, giving, helping those in need, and, yes, when it’s called for, justice.

For further explanation of Ranks, click here

Ways to Receive a Commendation

A Commendation is notational reward, used a means of recognition of the performance of certain BS&R members.

Ways to Receive a Discommendation

A Discommendation is notational penalty, used a means of recognition of the performance of certain BS&R members.

Some clear ways to receive a Discommendation are discrediting of the guild, attacking players without just cause, and acting in direct opposition to the concepts of the BS&R Charter. All the ways will not be detailed here, however, as the BS&R would like to focus on the good, rather than the bad.

Should a member receive an arbitrarily large amount of Discommendations, that membership shall be put into question and its validity shall be decided upon by the Guildmaster.

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