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One-time Trainer of Britannia Search & Rescue
Somewhere near the BS&R OC-Trinsic on the Baja shard
24 March 1998

Ultimax Member Bio-page

Ultimax was once the official Britannia Search & Rescue Guild Trainer. Born Ultimax Ultimus to Ultimazing the Mage, his grandfather is a warlord to a southern clan, General Ultimaster. His estranged wife is Ultimaxine, and together they have had seven children.

Ultimax is, admittedly, a grumbly old coot, not one to take any sort of nonsense from anyone. Although he has a bad reputation and is rough on those he is training, he is fiercely loyal.  At times he seems much like a freakish cross between a drill sergeant and a professional wrestler.

Ultimax currently resides in Ultima Online’s player-city of Avalon on Baja. He manages their Avalon Merchant Commissary as its “Commissar.”

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