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Guildmaster, Founder, Charter Member, and Elder of Britannia Search & Rescue
Somewhere near Cove on the Baja shard
24 October 1997

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Nobody and his spirited steed, Mojo
Southern Trinsic on the Baja shard
15 November 1997

Nobody Member Bio-page

He cannot remember much of his youth. Memory flashes only: himself as a boy, frightened. A dark man, brave and strong, felled by an unseen foe in an icy wasteland. A woman, in armor golden as the sun, pulling him away as her armor is cleaved in twain. A splitting of the frozen floor, spinning upside-down, plunging into bitter cold death...

But, the boy that was Nobody did not die. Somehow, he washed ashore on Moonglow, oh, so many years ago. He was found and brought to manhood by a kind old animal trainer and his wife. Always, the boy yearned to remember his life “before,” to know of his family and their fate. A wanderlust grew within him which could not be denied. He left to search the world, looking for something which he feared would never be found.

In time, he decided to put aside what “was” and build upon what “is.” The boy, now a man, began a new family, of sorts, in the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild. He no longer absorbs himself in what has been a fruitless pursuit for his past, but, instead, looks forward to the future, of Britannia and his place within it.

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