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Charter Member & Elder of Britannia Search & Rescue
On the Baja Shard
March 1998

MasterOfPuppets Member Bio-page

MasterOfPuppets, often called MoP by his friends, grew up in the forest just north of Britain. As soon as he was strong enough, his father, a miner/blacksmith, had him out mining at the local caves. When not mining MoP was given the task of defending his home from any monsters that may try to take it. He seemed to have a natural gift at this. Even as a boy, he would fend off Orcs, and he had a special dislike for Undead. He never understood how they could walk; he thought that they were nothing more than puppets.

As soon as he was old enough, MoP joined the local militia. Here he learned how to be a great warrior. It was also here that he received his lifelong nickname, MasterOfPuppets. The other militiamen found it amusing that he believed Undead. to be puppets until they saw the rage with which he would attack them.

But he soon grew tired of the militia and yearned for something more. So he packed up his things and set off on his own. It was during a battle with a Lich who was terrorizing the local peasants that he met PapaMan. They defeated the Lich and sat down to celebrate their victory. It was then that he told MoP about the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild. Having been on his own for some time and seeking people who shared his ideals, MoP jumped at the chance to join him. Even now, he looks back on that day as a turning point in his life.

MasterOfPuppets has received 1 Commendation, awarded due to his being in the guild for 3 months.

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