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Fiatofa, Charter Member of the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild
On the Baja Shard
April 1998

Fiatofa Member Bio-page

Fia, or Fiat, as he is known by his friends, is named after a very large, strong man who mined with his father in the hard working city of Minoc. Fia never knew much of leisure time while growing up. At a young age, his father was murdered by a Dread Lord while returning to Minoc from Vesper—thus forcing him into an early career in (what else, of course) mining. As his muscles grew, so did his yearning for adventure and he began to be weary of the mines.

All the days of his life being spent in the safety of town, the desire to see the world became too overwhelming. He started a Blacksmithing business and began to venture out, taking the back road to Vesper—the one which his father used to take to sell armor and goods he had made. And eventually venturing deep in to the forest to the Moongate and traveling as far south as the island of Jhelom to sell his wares. This was exciting, and he soon grew to have a sum of gold. All was well, and he continued to do this for several months, until one day, the hand of fate fisted and punched him in the face. Having just purchased his first suit of armor in Vesper, he was on top of the world, and he wore it proudly. Late at night he began the walk back home to Minoc. As he traveled that fateful road the events of 15 years earlier—his fathers death—began to haunt him. Maybe he was too deep in his thought, for he didn’t notice the three figures that stepped out of the shadows in front of him. It was the words of an unfamiliar phrase that pulled him from his dream state back into reality:

“Vas Flam.”

Barely had Fia heard the words when he was engulfed in flame. “Father!” Being no match against his enemy, a Hellhound, the cold fingers of death quickly snatched his ghost from his body. Confused and angry he watched as his corpse was stripped of all possessions and he was left dead and naked in the street. “How could this be? Where was the justice?” Rather than turning to revenge for the answer, Fiat turned to the Virtues. After being healed, he relocated to Jhelom for training in the warrior arts. There, he met an enigmatic person named Tony. Tony taught him of a guild, the Britannia Search & Rescue Guild and the values that BS&R stood for. Tony taught him some secrets of using magic and told him to meet a kind man The Great Lord Mr. Christian in Britain. Fiatofa was very impressed. This was what he was looking for!

So now you know why Fia hates hell hounds, because they shoot fireballs! (Some of you may know what I am talking about.)

Fiatofa has received 1 Commendation, awarded due to his being in the guild for 3 months.

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