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Member of the BS&R, Knights of Ni Chapter, Shard Leader of Crow River
On the Baja Shard
April 1998

Calvin Member Bio-page

“‘Calvin the Loud.’ That is what I was called in gradeschool. My teachers, my friends...even my family. You see, even as a child I knew I would aspire to greatness, and who could argue? I came from one of the richest merchant families in Trinsic. But I was not content to be just another merchant like my pop, no, I wanted to really experience life, I wanted to be the guy that the kids in the schoolhouse told stories about. And I made sure that everyone knew it. Hence, Calvin the Loud.

“Now, I didn’t just run away from my family to seek this adventure, in fact, I still keep in very close contact with my parents...and my brother, Duncan Idaho, in fact, he likes to tag along on many of my adventures, sure, he can hold his own, but I got him where he is now. I visit my parents every couple of weeks, whenever I happen to be in Trinsic, but for the most part, I avoid the place. To tell you the truth, all those paladins give me the creeps.

“Anyways, early in my adventuring days, I met a guy by the name of James Ensor and we thought it would be great to form a group of adventurers that we could trust. The two of us founded the Knights of Ni. Quite frankly, I don’t like James Ensor much, and I try to stay away from him as much as possible, so don’t expect to see us around each other much, because I’m pretty sure he doesn't like me to much either. Oh, and don’t ask why, it isn’t a pretty story.

“Recently, the Knights of Ni, with its eight members, decided to join the guild know as Britannia Search and Rescue. I have to say that this has been one of the greatest groups of adventurers I have ever known, and with their help I have become the man that Calvin the Loud used to talk about...although I still walk by the schoolyard in Trinsic waiting for my name to come up.”

— Calvin
Member of the BS&R, Knights of Ni Chapter
Shard Leader of Crow River

Calvin has received 2 Commendations. The first was awarded on Thursday, 21 May 1998, due to his being in the guild for 3 months. Calvin received a second guild Commendation on Thursday, 27 May 1998, due to his earnest and welcome assistance in dealing with the threat of war with the Warlocks guild, and his ingenuity in coming up with the Black Ops guild as an option for those who prefer Player versus Player combat.

Calvin appointed Shard Leader of the Crow River Shard on Thursday, 23 July, 1998. (Note: Crow River was a player-Shard for Ultima Online, but no longer exists.)

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