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New, easier access to Avalon! — Sunday, 30 April 2000

The following note was originally posted by Cerpicio, President of T&C Merchants, on April 18th.

I, Cerpicio, am growing tired of being a businessman. Therefore I am handing over the business to Puck. I will still make potions and scrolls, but Puck will be in charge of the day-to-day operations. He is a proud member of Britannia Search and Rescue and also calls Avalon his home.

It is time for me to persue other interests... But before doing so, I have opened up one of T&C's buildings to the public and placed runes to various places in Avalon, including the famed Rune Library. T&C’s building is a short walk northwest from the moongate near Yew. The signpost has a purple and blue insignia on it. I hope this will provide easy access to Avalon for those that have never visited.

Stay tuned, I plan on having a Grand Opening party for this building within the next couple of weeks. (Well, actually Puck will probably be making the arangements.)

More recently, Puck informed me that there will be a Vendor located there soon. Part of the inventory shall include recall scrolls.

T&C Merchants’ Gateway to Avalon

OSI Spotlights Avalon: City of Destiny — Friday, 28 April 2000

The following article was submitted to the Freeborn Press, at http://freeborn.cjb.net.

OSI’s latest Spotlight focuses on Avalon, a player-city of the Baja Shard nearing it’s third anniversary. The Spotlight is noted on www.uo.com, but may be directly accessed here. The text focuses on the return of Agnes, a vendor from Avalon's past, and her memories of the “City of Destiny”.

Avalon is located west of the Dungeon Wrong, on a large peninsula. It is the home of the Avalon Rune Library, Avalon Commissary, Dead Dove Tavern, and other public & eventful player-venues. Recently an enourmous amount of dangerous monsters (such as orcs, ettins, gargoyles, and gazers) have threatened the inhabitants of the Avalon Peninsula, so all should be warned to leave their most prescious items at home while visiting. More information on Avalon may be found at http://www.avaloncity.org.

Look for the Spotlight to find a proper space in the Avalon web site soon.

Avalon web site now has banner ads — Saturday, 19 February 2000

TopCities was initially picked for two reasons: they allowed for a tremendous amount of free web space, and they lacked the blatant banner ads and pop-up advertisements so prevelant in other free web sites. However, they've changed their policies and we're now compelled to add either pop-ups or banner ads. In their system pop-ups work better with frames, so that's what the Avalon web site is now using.

Descriptions of Buildings of Avalon added to City Structures section — Saturday, 5 February 2000

The City Structures subsection of the Region section has been updated. Descriptions of City-owned or -operated buildings have begun being added, with individual pages for each building being added as more information and pictures become available.

Also, an early version of Avalon’s statement now resides in the History section.

Avalon.map for UOAM (Ultima Online Auto-Map) — Friday, 4 February 2000

Avalon.map, for UOAM, has been added to the Region section.

UOAM is a very hand map utility for Ultima Online. It is fully approved and sanctioned by OSI, and, in fact, can be found on the www.uo.com web site. UOAM lists all the standard buildings and locations that exist on all Shards, and you can add your own to personal lists. You can also add your own list, such as this one of Avalon (file valid as of January 15, 2000).

Using Avalon.map for UOAM
Download Avalon.map here. Place it in your “UOAM” directory, start up UOAM, go to the UOAM Control Panel > Files > Add. Find and choose Avalon.map from your UOAM directory, and you’ll have a convenient listing of the places you’ll find in Avalon.

Structures Blessed with Gamemaster (GM) Enhancements are listed as “landmarks.”

More web pages added: Literature and Weddings — Sunday, 12 December 1999

Two areas within the Avalon web site have been updated today.

The Literature subsection nears becomming completely up-to-date, with the addition of Songs, Poems, and Limericks. The index can be found on the Culture page, here.

The Ceremonies subsection of our Community section begins it’s development, beginning with the Weddings of Jixxa & GilMour, found here, and of Angelica & Shogun, found here.

Brew and Betting — Dead Dove Tavern — Wednesday, 1 December 1999

Tiare L’Roisto, current proprietor of the Dead Dove Tavern in Avalon, posted the following:

Event: Brew and Betting
Day: Friday, December 3rd, 1999
Time: 8:00 pm PST

The object of this event is to drink and lose your gold to the bartender. Gambling games were mastered on the back streets of Britain and Tiare was taught by some of the finest hustlers of the lands so be prepared to lose some of your hard earned coins. Bets will range from 5 gold to 50 gold per game. Free ale will be served to loosen your inhibitions. Creative cheating, bribing and treachery will encouraged.

Avalon Rune Library 100,000 Gold Giveaway — Wednesday, 1 December 1999

This announcement was made by Hazard:

Hazard as RegisAs the Rune Library approaches 25,000 visitors, we would like to thank all the citizens of Baja, even those who boldly earned the lofty “ban” award, and let you know that visitor number 25,000 will receive a total of 100,000 gold, to spend as he/she/it chooses. In honor of this special occasion, the Library will be pardoning all criminals who have earned the aforementioned “award” (unless of course you have attacked our city in the last few weeks).

Many thousands more have graced the halls of the Avalon Rune Library since it was founded in early 1998, and through the months it has been ransacked, switched formats multiple times due to housing rules, and has even witnessed the Wake of a Magistrate as well as a sťance, among countless other sieges and gatherings.

Thanks for stopping in and making the Library what it is, and SPECIAL thanks to Lorcan Riain and Rover for generously supplying us with the prize money to dole out. Good luck, and may the turnstile show you that lucky number.

Hazard (Avalon Rune Librarian)
The Citizens of Avalon

For comments or questions please contact me at hazard@www.avaloncity.org

Sidenote: Scroll users are currently bared from using runebooks in a public building, hence our reluctance to use runebooks at the given time as it cuts off part of our visitor base.

“My Bloody Valentine” adapted to new web site — Wednesday, 1 December 1999

The Avalon Contest of Champions known as “My Bloody Valentine” took place on Saturday, 13 February 1999. Aidenna Shethane wrote up a complete telling of the night’s bouts, and that article, along with screenshots, are now adapted and included in our new web site. I want to extend the thanks Aidenna gave out at that time for assistance in that event: “Special thanks to Lagesek, DKoJ/ROA, Zax, Angelica, Luci, Hazard, Crysania, Legolos, Reina Faire for their donations! (I hope that's all of them!)”

The Tournament subsection can be found here, the Contest of Champions page is here (complete with cropped thumbnails), and the “My Bloody Valentine” full-sized screenshots are here.

House Decorating Contest! — Sunday, 28Nov99

Seeing as how I managed to destroy half of my house looking for something, I thought I would make the best of the situation and redecorate. I know people have done some amazing things with their homes, so I thought I would offer a contest in return for being able to shamelessly steal your ideas.

The Contest: Submit pictures of a public or private home to the Avalon Forum, include "Decorating contest" in the subject line

The Deadline: Friday, December 3, 9pm PST

The Prize: 10,000 gold

The Rules:

  1. All homes must be on Baja.
  2. It doesn't have to be your house, but please give credit to the decorator if it isn't. If multiple people enter the same structure, precedence will be given to the owner.
  3. Majority of the items must be currently obtainable (i.e. not filled with true rares).
  4. Decorations must include a bed!

— Riena Faire, Amazon Queen of the Northern Peninsula

A reminder/tip about the latest news — Sunday, 28Nov99

Avalonians enjoy using our message board(s) to post news bulletins about various current and upcoming events. Visit Avalon’s Open Forum to keep up with the latest intra-community news, and Baja’s Freeborn Press for the latest intercommunity news.

Various updates and a Special Offer to Avalonians — Saturday, 27Nov99

Some additions have been made to the Participants page, and some corrections have gone on there as well. Should anyone wish to elaborate on their entries, such as by correcting or adding associates or contact information (i.e. e-mail or ICQ), please send your information to ministers@avaloncity.org.

Your Own Avalon E-mail Address
For those of you who may have concerns about displaying your e-mail on the Participant list, there is an alternative you may choose:

Anyone on the Avalon Participant list may have a free e-mail redirect alias upon request.

Simply pass along your actual e-mail address to the websmiths of Avalon and we shall create a special forwarding address for you. For example: should your name be “Nobody” we shall create a “nobody@www.avaloncity.org” e-mail address for you. When anyone sends to that address the e-mail goes directly to your normal e-mail box.

All submissions shall remain confidential. This option is also convenient for those of you who change your e-mail addresses every so often and wish the comfort and convenience of maintaining one e-mail address. If your e-mail address changes then send your updated information to ministers@avaloncity.org, and the correction shall occur as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

Literature pages added — Monday, 22Nov99

I’ve begun adding in some of Avalon’s literature to that area, here. This is in addition to some general tweaks here and there. While there aren’t many adjustments to the Participant list, there will be some with the next update.

More updates — Thursday, 18Nov99

More updates have been made to the Participant’s page, and some general layout & navigation changes have resulted throughout the site.

Participants section of Community page updated — 14Nov99

The “Residents” section of the Avalon Community page has been updated, and renamed to become the “Participants” secton. All citizens, visitors, and other participants are invited to read over the list and submit corrections and additions to Nobody.

Avalon moves it’s web site — 06Nov99

Avalon is a player-city on Ultima Online’s “Baja Shard,” located west of the Dungeon Wrong. Our city has enjoyed a presence on the web approximately as long as the existence of the city, itself—currently over 17 months. However, Avalon’s web site, for some time now, has had technical problems that inhibited both its viewing and management. This has not gone unnoticed by its citizens, and steps are being taken so as to minimize such difficulties in the future.

Two major events are now happening with the restructuring of Avalon’s web presence: the adopting of a new URL and new e-mail addresses, http://www.avaloncity.org and ministers@avaloncity.org, respectively.

Only a simple introduction exists at the aforementioned address, but over the next few weeks we shall be engaging in the process of retrieving, reworking (as necessary), and publishing the latest news and information regarding the City of Destiny. In the meantime our “Open Forum” message board, located at http://www.sitepowerup.com/mb/view.asp?BoardID=100307, continues to be an excellent introduction to our community.

We thank you for bearing with us during the development of this latest iteration of Avalon’s “skypage.”

Sam Skypager, Lucina Juno, Nobody
Websmiths of Avalon


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