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Message Boards

The people of Avalon—her citizens, residents, and visitors—employ several message boards in order to speedily communicate with one another one-on-one or en masse.

Baja Forum at UO Stratics
Avalon uses the Ultima Online message forums at UO Stratics, specifically the Baja forum.

Emergency Forums
The Websmiths of Avalon have often explored methods of communication alternate to what may currently be in use. Even if the primary message boards are not accessable, we still need to be able to relay mesages to each other. One such alternative is our “Emergency Forums” area, originally a testing area for a new form system, now upgraded to be usable when our primary message boards go down. They’re available at http://www.hurm.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=3 (or look for the “Emergency Forums” link in the navigation column on the left).


Sometimes Avalonians and their compatriots wish to converse in “real time,” and IRC channels often fit that bill. Once you have an IRC client (such as mIRC or Pirch), log onto the irc.stratics.com server (port #6667), and join the #ultima-online or #avalon channels and see who’s about.


Avalon: City of Destiny is a player-city, located on Ultima Online’s Baja Shard.
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